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Homemade shisha tobacco.

This is a DIY guide on how to make shisha or hookah tobacco at home and for half of the price the shops charge you. In this part of the world, where I live, shisha tobacco is very expensive.  Pack of 250g can cost from 27 to 30EUR and for me this is quite expensive. The major contributor for this kind of a high price is the tobacco tax that is calculated by the gross weight and not by net weight, volume, nicotine or tar amount like in many other countries. So why not make your own tobacco mix? It’s very easy. You need the following ingredients:

  • Pipe tobacco of your choice 40g = 7,40EUR
  • Glycerin (glycerol) 25g = 0,65EUR
  • Taste adjectives 100g = 2.72EUR

Because I’m lazy I used off the shelf shisha molasses juice to add some taste and moisture, but you can use what ever you want, dried and pulverized herbs or fruit. Honey is also a very good ingredient that will add a sweet taste and moisturize the tobacco. In my case the total amount spent was 10,72EUR.

Note that the normal pipe tobacco is very strong and I advise to make the taste much weaker. You can accomplish this by adding the tobacco to a fine sieve and run boiling water through it 1L will do. In my case, I put a quarter of the original tobacco in a different bowl that I didn’t water down. This will add more taste in the end.

After you “wash” the tobacco it is time to dry it. Add it to a baking tray and put in the oven on a very low heat. 2 hours on 70C probably will do the trick. From time to time flip the tobacco so it will dry out evenly.

After the tobacco is dried, mix the ingredients. Depending on the amount of the used tobacco you don’t have to add all the glycerin or the molasses juice. In this case for 40g tobacco I added around 12g of glycerin and 30-40g of the shisha molasses juice. So you have some leftovers for the next batch.

After you mixed all the ingredients together, let it marinate for 24 hours to let the tobacco soak up the glycerin and the molasses juice.

In a future post I will explain how to do it the hard way, but it’s worth it.

Happy smokeing!